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Welcome to Unit 116, District 5 Home Page


Western New York Unit 116

Unit 116 Annual Meeting
Rescue Fire Hall
1241 Strad Avenue
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Sunday December 6, 2015
Game following

Tickets available from any Board member: please purchase by 12/1
Ballots for election to Board will be accepted until 11:30am


• • •


Sunday November 22, 2015
Starting at 1 PM
At Bridge Center of Buffalo

Unit Championship Pairs Games

TREATS: Appetizers and Punch COST: US$8 Members $10 NM
CHAIR: Elaine Kurasiewicz
695-9828 or 622-8159 (cell)

Tom Donnelly, Mary Dowd,
Gerry Fried, Nat Gerstman,
John Kilmer, Jim Mathis,
Mary McKenna, Margaret McCarthy,
Peter Mollemet, Roselle Selikoff,
Tom Wolstoncroft and Agnes Gordon

Elaine's story for the Tribute game

• • •

Elections  for the Unit 116 Board of Directors

There are three board members to be elected for a three-year period each. You are invited to vote for the Unit 116 Board of Directors by ballot. Balloting will be available at most local clubs in November and will be closed at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, December 6th prior to the Unit’s Annual Meeting at Rescue Fire Hall in No. Tonawanda.

Statements from the Candidates

Carol Bedell

My name is Carol Bedell and I am running for our Unit Board. As a beginning bridge player, I was fortunate to learn from generous volunteers. These experienced bridge players donated their knowledge and time to rookies so we could grow and enjoy the game of bridge. It is high time that I give back.
As a school counselor at Lancaster High School, I donated my own time/efforts to implementing important programs. Some examples: chairperson district drug and alcohol prevention/intervention program, co-founder/ad-visor of LHS chapter of SADD (Students against Driving Drunk), district coordinator of students-at-risk programs, promoter/coordinator of the “guidance plan” to educate students, staff, community as to the role/job of the school counselor…
My motivation to run for the board is based on my love for the game of bridge. I feel that I have the ability to do the job and be an effective team player who is sensitive to the needs of others. It would be my pleasure to serve the local bridge community.

Joyce Frayer

I came to Duplicate Bridge through my friendships with Judie Bailey and Carolyn Siracuse. When I retired from my school nurse position 3 years ago they invited me to play with them at various social games and a few club games. A few months later Judie introduced me to my regular partner, Mary Ball who was taking lessons at the Bridge Center. Thus began my entry into what I call "competitive bridge".
I have found all my classes to be so helpful, with such patient and well-prepared teachers. The Directors at the various clubs I've attended are all very professional and respectful. I have appreciated all the opportunities bridge has afforded me with sectionals, regionals, and district games, as well as the various special event games. The Bridge community is a very caring group where people exhibit concern for one another. I feel I have received much from this community and now I would like to help by giving back wherever and whenever I am needed.

Jim Gullo

I am James Gullo, better known as just Jim, and I am running for our Unit Board. I have been a member of this unit for around 15 years and have been active in our unit since I discovered Bridge. I have served on the board for the Bridge Center of Buffalo as well as serving one term on the Unit Board.
I have taught Bridge to beginners as well as intermediate players and am always seeking new players who could become active in out unit. I feel it is important to seek out new players, as our Unit is losing members as we age out. I also understand that Bridge is a most competitive game that can be threatening to new players. I feel it is important to remember that Bridge is a game of fun and friendship. I will work to support new members and help them improve their game and stay active in our Bridge community.
I will try my best to be a positive and supportive member of the Board and add some spice to our Bridge life! Thanks and be sure to cast your vote in the upcoming elections!

Ron Henrikson

I came back to the Buffalo area five years ago; joined the ACBL four years ago. I now play bridge most days. It is an important part of my life.
If elected to the unit board I’ll always keep in mind that this is the “unit board” and I will be a representative of the whole unit and all its members.
I feel this is my time to help the bridge community. I have the time – have the energy – and am willing to work.

Betty Metz

I was elected to the Unit Board in 2009 and re-elected in 2012. During this time, the Unit had great energy, held many Unit sponsored games and the attendance at our Sectionals grew each year. The unit moved ahead with a new table project headed by Frank Kidd and a Bridgemate project headed by Paul Zittel.
After a year off the board, I have decided to run once again. I like what is happening in our bridge community and would like the opportunity to “keep the energy going.”

• • •

Check the Duplicate Bridge column in The Buffalo News each Saturday for weekly game results and other announcements. Unfortunately, space there is limited, but additional results, more complete announcements and other information can be found in the weekly Internet version of the column at www.buffalonews.com. For quickest results, search the words "duplicate bridge" and Saturday's date. For the latest information and detailed game results directly from the clubs, check the web sites of clubs in Western New York.


Welcome to the Western New York Unit 116 website.  Our unit of over 450 dedicated bridge players is part of the American Contract Bridge League’s District Five.  Geographically, we encompass the counties of Erie and Niagara, at the eastern end of Lake Erie and western end of Lake Ontario, in New York State.  We often have players from across the Canadian border playing at our clubs.

Our goal is to promote bridge and support local bridge clubs.   We have six open, active clubs. We host three sectionals each year – January, April/May, and September – as well as a Non-Life Master sectional in the summer.  The District Five Regional is held at the end of October and famously titled “Spooktacular”.  Numerous unit games are held throughout the year.

We publish a bi-monthly newsletter, Bridge Buff, for and about its members.  It regularly includes extensive interviews with several members, an interesting bridge hands and analysis, and perhaps a good recipe enjoyed at a Unit game.


The "Bridge Buff" issues were retrieved (thank you  Kathy Pollock  and Alex Kowal) starting with  issues back in the past. You can read old and current issues to see where we were and where we are going as a bridge community. There was a gap in publishing from March to October 2007, when the bridge community was torn apart by controversy and the Buff was on hold.
Help preserve the bridge history of Unit 116 by downloading the files and saving them - you will never know when and who from the future generations will read them.



Coming to Unit 116!

Sunday, November 22, 2015, 1:00 pm
" Tribute to Buffalo Greats"
Unit Pairs Game at Bridge Center of Buffalo 3363 Sheridan Dr - Amherst, NY
Sunday, December 6, 2015
Lunch 11:30 am, Meeting and Game 12:15 pm - Annual Meeting and game Rescue Fire Hall - North Tonawanda
District 5 STaC December 7-13, 2015 at participating clubs
Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Morning session -
Club run Unit Pairs Game at participating clubs
Saturday, December 19, 2015
Afternoon  session -
Club run Unit Pairs Game at participating clubs

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